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Microsoft finally gets free calls. It only cost them $8.5 Billion.

Balmer and Bates

Balmer and Bates during the press conference.

It is official. Microsoft is the proud owner of Skype by paying $8.5 Billion. The announcement was made by Steve Balmer and Tony Bates where they presented a few thoughts about the contribution of Skype to the Microsoft group of products. Skype like services and support will be spreading to Windows devices, Windows Phone devices, the Xbox console, the Outlook software, the Xbox Live service and others. The rest of us that do not use one of the above mentioned devices or services are assured by Steve Balmer himself that Microsoft will continue “to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms.”

Check the video of the presentation on the Microsoft new page here.

via: Engadget

Source: Microsoft