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Good old games running on chrome!?!

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

If you ask me which is my favorite game of all times, among all the games I have played that must be over a thousand, I will definitely pick “Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis.” That game was legend… wait for it ….ary. It was smart, funny, it kept you for hours and now… its back. If your reaction was “SAY WHAT!!” then you had the exact same reaction i did. Well the rumors are true you can now, or to be on the safe side in a while, play your games on Google’s Chrome browser. The whole project which has yet to be released was created by NaClBox and is based on Google’s Native Client technology. That means that you have to wait for an official release or risk with the unoficial version and be exposed to security vulnerabilities and system freezes and things like that. There are a few games currently supported with Jazz Jackrabbit, The Secret of Monkey Island and SimCity 2000 among them.

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