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Good old games running on chrome!?!

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

If you ask me which is my favorite game of all times, among all the games I have played that must be over a thousand, I will definitely pick “Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis.” That game was legend… wait for it ….ary. It was smart, funny, it kept you for hours and now… its back. If your reaction was “SAY WHAT!!” then you had the exact same reaction i did. Well the rumors are true you can now, or to be on the safe side in a while, play your games on Google’s Chrome browser. The whole project which has yet to be released was created by NaClBox and is based on Google’s Native Client technology. That means that you have to wait for an official release or risk with the unoficial version and be exposed to security vulnerabilities and system freezes and things like that. There are a few games currently supported with Jazz Jackrabbit, The Secret of Monkey Island and SimCity 2000 among them.

For more information click here.

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Sourcc: NaClBox

Facebook caught not playing nice with Google

There are some wars between corporations in the computer industry that are almost epic, for example Apple vs Microsoft or IBM vs Dell. This is also the case between Facebook and Google as with the latest report from the daily beast there is no cease-fire.  As it appears Facebook hired a public relations team not to polish the company’s image but to smear the image of Google by planting a series of false or exaggerated news over the internet. The whole story broke loose when a blogger that was contacted by the PR firm blew the whistle and everything came to the surface. USA today actually spotted the whole story and made it public.

Read more on an excellent and detailed article by Dans Lyons on the daily beast here.

Source: USA Today

App Stores for all…

And what I really mean is almost for all. The idea behind the success of the iPhone has left the exclusivity of the mobile phones and has spread on pretty much everywhere. The last addition to the e-shop club is Nintendo’s 3DS e-shop which is expected to debut on the 6th of June for the fellow Japanese players and one day later for Europe and the US.  It took them a long enough time to make everything since there was a need for an update on the devices but everything is almost ready with the final touches being made as we speak. So if you want to go on vacations in June make sure there is a WiFi hotspot nearby.

Back to our subject then, e-shops for all. And by all I mean every single device that is capable of a. connecting to the internet and b. running applications has or will have an e-shop. There are two facts about e-shops. The first one is that they changed the way we search for applications. In the not so old days, we used to search the internet using keyword relative to the app we were after, then spot the app we though as best and finally search for reviews or even download a demo. Now things are different. We enter the store, go to the category that interests us, we look at the apps, some of their reviews and we download the one we thing is tailored to our needs. Everything is pretty much the same, where is the difference? The difference is in censorship. Through the above process all apps downloaded should comply with a set of rules set by the e-shop. And if you ask if this is bad there are two answers. No if the store is made for a console since an app had to comply with rules either way. And yes if you have another type of device since the e-shop could cut-off a piece of software for a trivial reason and allow another ignoring the same trivial reason. The same thing happened with a series of apps with nudity in the app store. The Penthouse app is still on while others have bitten the dust.

The second fact is that they are darn good. What I mean is if I want a simple egg timer I can have an egg timer downloaded on my phone/browser/portable device/e.t.c. in seconds. And of course without all the fuss of searching for an app, for reviews and spending half your day on an egg timer.

If you really now want a good piece of advice you should use the store for anything trivial but if you want something good or an app with a specific characteristic google it.

More on the Nintendo eshop here (Engadget).

Honeycomb 3.1

Android 3.1

View of Android 3.1

As you most probably already know for the past two days google has been torturing us with “the things to come” torture. While others are distant some of them are here already. Google announced and in the same time rolled out an update for the Verizon Xoom tablet that upgrades the 3.0 honeycomb to 3.1. The new version is not a major update but adds a few notable features that were needed.

The most important of the features is the usb hosting capability for the android tablet/tv set/set-top boxes. With the new update it is possible to connect usb sticks, usb HDs, web cameras or even mice to an android device. This capability was in fact very much-needed especially for the set-top boxes.

There has also been an applications update with the music, gallery, email, calendar and web browser apps being updated. The most important is that of the web browser that now has better support for css 3D and HTML 5 embedded video playback.

We also have some minor additions like a resent applications list that features the applications that have been used most recently, resizable home screen widgets, wifi improvements and user interface tweaks.

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via: Android Developers

Microsoft finally gets free calls. It only cost them $8.5 Billion.

Balmer and Bates

Balmer and Bates during the press conference.

It is official. Microsoft is the proud owner of Skype by paying $8.5 Billion. The announcement was made by Steve Balmer and Tony Bates where they presented a few thoughts about the contribution of Skype to the Microsoft group of products. Skype like services and support will be spreading to Windows devices, Windows Phone devices, the Xbox console, the Outlook software, the Xbox Live service and others. The rest of us that do not use one of the above mentioned devices or services are assured by Steve Balmer himself that Microsoft will continue “to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms.”

Check the video of the presentation on the Microsoft new page here.

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Source: Microsoft

Google I/O 2011. The future by Google.

Google IO 2011

The google I/O is a small conference organised by Google so that developers from around the world can share ideas about Google products and various platforms. As Google states at the events page (take a look at the first link):

“Google I/O brings together thousands of developers for two days of deep technical content, focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Google Chrome, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more.”

The big question is why should we be happy. Well as with all other developers conferences we get to learn about new products, services and everything new the company will offer in the following year along with info on products to be that are currently under development. In this IO we had a few big hits like:

1. Ice Cream Sandwich, the new version of the Android software, will be available in Q4 this year.

2. New version (3.1) of Android for tablets rolling out today for Verizon Xoom in US. The rest of the tablets to follow.

3. Android@Home platform for home automation.

4. New API for creating accessories based on the company’s new Open accessory standard, plus new arduino based ADK.

and many more.

More info in future posts.

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Source: Google I/O

Arduino… Hardware for the masses.

For those of you that do not know the arduino is a microcontroller platform based on Atmel microcontrollers. It began as an economic tool for schools and universities but has gone beyond that, since arduinos have been selling like hotcakes. Its main  advantage is that it is open source. Its main disadvantage is…  none really since you get what you pay.

The truth is for most of you there is nothing new with arduino. Everybody has heard about it and it can be found everywhere. But who are the people behind it and how it came to be? If you want to know take a look at the video and if you want more info check the link at the end.

Arduino The Documentary (2010) English HD from gnd on Vimeo.

source: Arduino Blog

How google searches look like!

Lets say you look for some info on the net, sports, tech or something else. What do you do to find it? If your answer is “I google it up!” then you just might be part of the following visual display of google searches over the world by language. And if you really are interested on how much your country uses google then I suggest you look it up here.

google searches visualised

Google searches by language

By the way if you think that’s cool just check the second link with the population numbers of the 1990s.

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Source: Google (Population)

NASA proves Einstein in less than 100 years

Is the 4th of May a significant date for all mankind? Maybe not for all but for astrophysicists working on time and space relation sure is. NASA finally presented the results of the Gravity Probe B (GP-B) experiment that concluded that Einstein got it right. Einstein had predicted that earths spin and gravity should create a distortion in the form of a vortex in space and time. The following sentence taken from the NASA web site says it all.

“The space-time around Earth appears to be distorted just as general relativity predicts,” says Stanford University physicist Francis Everitt, principal investigator of the Gravity Probe B mission.


Artistic concept of GP-B measuring the curved spacetime.

The whole experiment was based on a simple idea but on a very complex implementation. Back in 2004 NASA launched GP-B, a satellite equipped with four perfect gyroscopes. The gyroscopes are so perfect that the spheres had to vary up to 40 atomic layers from the perfect sphere. Any variation bigger than that would lead to inaccurate results. The satellite was not simple either since it was specially designed not to disturb the gyros.

The experiment finally gives us a better understanding of how the space and time web can be affected around bigger objects such as large stars and black holes giving astrophysicists the proof that they needed for Einsteins theory.

More info on the links below:

source: NASA
via: PhysOrg