This blog is dedicated to science and technology addicts like me. The posts that you can find here are small describing new advances in science and technology with the exception of some bigger ones that are mostly product reviews or science and technology articles.

atari 2600

This is how my Atari console looked like!

As I mentioned above I am a tech and science addict. My love for technology beggan when I was still at elementary school. At that time I fell in love with anything that could be characterized as a gadgets. It was then that I got my first walkman and my firstconsole, a beautiful Atari 2600 that still works. Just before the end of elementary school I fell in love with computers. Computers dominate my interaction with technology since almost everything I bought since then had to be able to connect to a PC. My first computer was made by Schneider, a company based in Germany, and it was designed as a terminal. It had an 8088 processor, 768 KB of memory and a black-yellow monitor.

Euro PC II

This is my first PC (Image taken from http://www.heimcomputer.de/pcs/europc2.html)

As about computers, I always had a PC. I have tryied  and I find most operating systems good, from Macos to BSD, but I really love just one, Linux.

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